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CD release of “Komponiert in Deutschland – Christine Aufderhaar” in the context of the Berlin Film Festival. The CD was released by the film music label ‘Normal Records’ and is part of the film music edition “Komponiert in Deutschland ” (Composed in Germany), which was initiated by the film magazine “Filmdienst”.


Christine is selected as “European Composer 2008 for Switzerland” by the members of the ‘Federation of Film & Audiovisual Composers of Europe’.


Scoring session with the Wroclaw Score Orchestra in Wroclaw. The orchestra is conducted by Joris Bartsch-Buhle, the sound engineer is Tobias Lehmann of Teldex Studios. The session is funded with grants and awards from UBS Culture Foundation and the Aargauer Kuratorium. Christine gives a workshop about film music for the Goethe Institut as part of […]