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The song Winnie the Pooh Saying Good Bye, lyrics by Carina Lim, music by Christine Aufderhaar, is performed at a Songwriter’s Night in New York. Voice Lina Arndt, Piano Daniel Gotz, Cello David Riniker


‘We’ve got a Deal‘, directed by Felicitas Korn, Rat Pack Film Production which won the Bernd Burgmeister Award as best film at the Filmfestival in Munich and the Audience Award at the Rheingold Filmfestival. TV Premiere on Oct. 20st ARTE and Oct. 23rd on ZDF, at 8.15 pm


‘Wir haben einen Deal‘ (We have a deal), directed by Felicitas Korn, produced by RatPack Filmproductions, wins the Bernd-Burgemeister Award and the Rheingold Audience Award at the Festival of German Film


‘Wir haben einen Deal,’ directed by Felicitas Korn, runs in competition and premieres June 25 at int. Filmfest Munic