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Quincy Jones….what an inspiration! Jury member of the GEMA German Music Author Prize https://www.musikautorenpreis.de/presse/mitteilungen/deutscher-musikautorenpreis-2019-die-jury-steht-fest/  


Holding the laudatory speech at the German Film Music Prize in Halle panel discussion within the film scoring congress in Halle together with Alexander Thies (NFP* film production) and Thomas Mikusz (White Bear PR)


The Tonhallen Orchestra plays in the context of the Zurich Film Festival   Christine’s music. Conductor is Frank Strobel. Jury member (among Cliff Martinez, Frank Strobel and Sabine Gisiger) of the 7th International Film Music Competition.


Representing the German Film Composer Union at the European film music day in Cannes. Podium guest ‘working with agents and PR agencies – a new pattern http://composeralliance.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Programme_EFMD2018_FINAL.pdf     Podium guest and jury member of the ‘DOK.fest Munic’ https://www.dokfest-muenchen.de/