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After the premiere at the Hofer Filmfestspiele, where the film was screened with several nominations, first broadcast ‘der Weg nach Padulim’ (Buch und Regie Annette Friedmann)


live stream discussion about A.I.: Brave New World or Twilight of the Gods? Future perspectives of film music (with Christine Aufderhaar, Enjott Schneider, Alexander Thies, Micki Meuser, Mario Schneider and others)


Scoring Aurora’s Sunrise Directed by Inna Sahakyan Coproduction of Canada, France, Germany, Lithuania and Armenia Animation documentary about Aurora Madriganian. A best-selling author, a Hollywood sensation, a teenage survivor of Armenian genocide. The girl who brought her people’s tragedy to the world. (crew united)


Panel discussion within the film music congress in Halle Prof. Georg Maas, Christine Aufderhaar, Franziska Henke, Franziska Pohl, Prof. Enjott Schneider


The way to Padulim (‘der Weg nach Padulim’ written and directed by Annette Friedmann) is premiered at the International Filmfestival Hof The latest from German Feature Films   Nominations for best debut film, production design and costume design