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Orchestra recordings with the Berlin Film Ensemble (conductor Tom Pielucha, sound engineer Martin Offik) for ‘Mother’s Day’, second film


Orchestra recordings in Bratislava with the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra (conductor Johannes Vogel, sound engineer Peter Fuchs) for ‘Mother’s Day’ first film CD release Feb. 11th


Composition for the two films ‘mother’s day‘, based on the novel by Nele Neuhaus, directed by Felix Herzogenrath, produced by ZDF and UFA


After the premiere at the Hofer Filmfestspiele, where the film was screened with several nominations, first broadcast ‘der Weg nach Padulim’ (Buch und Regie Annette Friedmann)


live stream discussion about A.I.: Brave New World or Twilight of the Gods? Future perspectives of film music (with Christine Aufderhaar, Enjott Schneider, Alexander Thies, Micki Meuser, Mario Schneider and others)